Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

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■S(Social):Disclosure based on SASB Standard

KPI SASB Code FY2021 2024
Number of data breaches TC-SI-230a.1 0 0 0
Monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with user privacy TC-SI-220a.3 0yen 0yen 0yen
Number of service disruptions TC-SI-550a.1 5
3 2
Total downtime (days) TC-SI-550a.1 1.09 days
0.73 day 0.54 day
Percentage of employees that are located offshore TC-SI-330a.1 15% 20% 25%
Percentage of managers that are non-Japanese TC-SI-330a.3 11% 11% 13%
Percentage of managers that are women TC-SI-330a.3 7% 10% 15%
Percentage of technical (engineering, etc.) staff that are women TC-SI-330a.3 33% 35% 40%
Percentage of employees (excluding directors) that are women TC-SI-330a.3 23% 30% 40%
Monetary losses resulting from legal proceedings associated with anti-competitive behavior regulations TC-SI-520a.1 0 yen 0 yen 0 yen

ESG Material Topics (S)

Addressing challenges to ultra-elderly societies

■Making our ultra-elderly society a sustainable society

Working toward the Digital Transformation (DT) of Japan’s ultra-elderly society to solve social problems and build a more sustainable society.

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Contributing to the realization of the “community comprehensive care system” with a cloud service that facilitates cooperation among interdisciplinary professionals

  • Number of Cloud Service Users:135,000
  • Number of regions using Kanamic:1,250
  • Kanamic Models / Case Studies:”Kashiwa model”, ”Asahikawa model”, “Tokyo Portal Site”

2024 Targets :Users:238,000

Bringing Digital Transformation (DT) to the elderly care industry 

2024 Targets :
Digitize ~10% of elderly care insurance claims work 
Release 5 new AI / IoT Services

Working towards the development of framework for lengthening the “Disability-Free-Life-Expectancy” through the utilization of PHR and EHR

2024 Goal :
Smart facilities providing services that lengthen the “Disability-Free-Life-Expectancy”

Wellness promotion

2024 Goal :
Be continually recognized under Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

April 2021: the long-awaited birth of the digital transformation in long-term care

In the 2021 revision of the long-term care law, a policy of promoting and rewarding the utilization of IT towards the following ends was adopted: "for strengthening the ability to respond to infectious diseases and disasters", "for promoting efforts to help care recipients live independently and prevent their condition from worsening", and for "addressing personnel shortages and revolutionizing the long-term care front lines". Along these lines, Kanamic is playing its part by striving to digitally transform the elderly care industry with our cloud service in order to solve the problems of our super-elderly society.

Helping clients streamline cumbersome billing operations / receipt issuance!

"Kanamic Easy Web Statements“ allows clients to issue and transmit bills and receipts (created with the Kanamic Cloud Service) completely over the internet. The "Kanamic Easy Mailing Service“ is a BPO service that helps clients (1) print, (2) enclose / seal, and (3) mail bills/receipts.
These services allow elderly care service providers to greatly reduce labor costs and man-hours associated with issuing bills/receipts, to go paperless, and to reduce the burden on elderly care workers on the caregiving front lines.

Data Security

In the healthcare and long-term care industries, personal information being leaked or lost carries not only the risk of damage claims, but there is also the risk of causing serious reputational damage to care providers (Kanamic’s customers) and physical injury to long-term care recipients. In light of this risk, Kanamic has established internal rules regarding unauthorized access to personal information, prevention of data leakage, prevention of data loss, and prevention of damage to personal information.

Going forward, Kanamic aims to obtain System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports, which are evaluations by external organizations, auditing the appropriateness and effectiveness of various internal controls.

Furthermore, Kanamic is committed to protecting personal information as follows:

Privacy Mark

Kanamic has acquired the privacy mark and strives to protect personal information.


Information Security

We are working to prevent human-error related incidents and we take precautions such as encrypting system communications and strictly controlling the handling of devices containing personal information. We also comply with the guidelines for safe operation of medical information systems.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Data is stored in high security domestic data centers. Disbursed data storage minimizes the risk of complete data loss in the unlikely event of a system mishap.

FY2021 (Actual) 2024 Target
Number of data breaches 0 0
Percentage involving personally identifiable information (PII) - -
Number of users affected - -

Data Privacy

We respect the privacy of healthcare / elderly care service recipients and we work to ensure the privacy of medical / elderly care information as well as other personal information. We have established rules regarding the handling all personal information (including that of customers and employees), and we take measures to prevent the use of personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use.

Privacy Mark

Kanamic has acquired the privacy mark and strives to protect personal information.


Use of information for secondary purposes

We specify the purpose of use of personal information and we only use information for other purposes if the customer is notified in advance and consent is obtained.

Addressing Complaints

It is our policy to respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and inquiries regarding our handling of personal information; and we have internal procedures for handling such complaints.

FY2021 (Actual) 2024 Target
Total amount of monetary loss as a result of legal proceedings associated with user privacy 0 Yen 0 Yen
Number of law enforcement requests for user information 0 0
Number of users whose information was requested 0 0
Percentage of such request resulting in disclosure - -
List of countries where core services are subject to government monitoring Japan Only Japan Only

Managing Systemic Risk from Technology Disruptions

Service disruptions of systems used in healthcare / elderly care can have a very negative impact on customers. We have business continuity plans (BCP) in place to minimize risk including unexpected service interruptions. We have set a goal of halving service interruptions by 2030.

In the future, we aim to obtain SOC reports, which are evaluations by external organizations assessing the appropriateness and effectiveness of various internal controls.

2020 (Actual) 2030 Target
Total downtime (days) 1.09 Days 0.54 Day
Number of service disruptions 5.0 2.0
System Availability Ratio 99.7% 99.85%

Recruiting & Managing a Global, Diverse Workforce

Kanamic is a place where people of different ethnicities and genders, possessing different skills and sensibilities come together, create synergies, and work with a unified purpose while respecting one another.
Kanamic, in bringing together such a diverse cast, seeks to spark innovation in the healthcare industry.
Kanamic Network will always provide employees with equal opportunities to play an active role.

Percentage of managers
(Including directors)that are women




2030 Target

Percentage of technical
(engineering, etc.) staff that are women




2030 Target

Percentage of employees
(excluding directors) that are women




2030 Target

Percentage of managers
(including directors) that are non-Japanese




2030 Target

Percentage of employees
that are based overseas




2030 Target

Percentage of employees
based domestically




2030 Target