Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

Message from the Representative Director and President

Message from the Representative Director and President

Transforming an elderly society into a wellness- orientated, sustainable society

Representative Director and President Takuma Yamamoto

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders, investors and stakeholders for their continued support as we endeavor in pursuit of our corporate purpose of "contributing to people and society with cloud technology for all stages of life”.

Currently, Japan has the highest ratio of seniors as a percentage of the population, and in 2025, the baby boomer generation (as defined in Japan) will reach 75 years of age. This represents a turning point for Japan in which solving the problems of a super-elderly society will become even more critical.

Amid this backdrop, Kanamic will continue to provide cloud-powered solutions to address the resulting societal challenges (such as the increase in long-term care recipients, the increase in dementia patients, and the deepening of the labor shortage brought on by a shrinking working-age population).

As a platformer aspiring to support our super-elderly society, we aim to be the #1 cloud service provider for the healthcare, elderly care, and childcare industries and will strive to continually improve enterprise value / shareholder value.

Furthermore, we recognize the contribution we can make to global society through this platform; and our ESG management style lends consideration to the environment, society, and the importance of corporate governance.

Going forward we will actively set ESG goals and establish plans for achieving these goals. Furthermore, we will actively make related disclosures as we continue to work towards the realization of “Kanamic Vision 2030”.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

Kanamic Network Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Takuma Yamamoto