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Corporate Governance

Basic approach to corporate governance

Our approach to corporate governance allows each Director to quickly execute the duties he / she is responsible for through decision-making by the Board of Directors. Although we are a small organization with a small number of employees, we have established internal rules and business manuals and conduct business activities in accordance with those rules. Our supervisory function provides for these management decisions and business activities to be overseen by regular audits by corporate auditors and internal audits.

We position corporate governance as a control function of management and we believe that corporate governance is integral to increasing our enterprise value on a continues basis. Therefore, we will work to strengthen it and increase robustness. And in order to achieve accountability to our shareholders we are committed to making expedient and appropriate disclosures and maintaining transparency and fairness in our decision making process. We thoroughly implement a compliance system founded on sound ethics and seek the trust of our shareholders, investors, business partners, and all stakeholders as we carry out business.

The general meeting of shareholders, which, as an organization / other business decision-making body under the Companies Act, serves as the highest decision-making organization, and the Board of Directors composed of the directors elected by them are positioned as the highest decision-making body in the overall business of the Company. Similarly, Audit & Supervisory Board Members appointed at the General Meeting of Shareholders conduct audits on the execution of duties by Directors to strengthen the governance system.

Corporate governance system chart

We aim for sustainable growth through a management framework based on controls which facilitate appropriate decision making and execution.
We stive for conformity with all the principles outlined in Japan’s Corporate Governance Code

Corporate Governance Report

The Company has submitted a “Corporate Governance Report” to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Board of Trustees Skill Matrix

Kanamic is an IT company specializing in the fields of healthcare, elderly care, and childcare. As a company seeking to digitally transform Japan’s ultra-elderly society, we foster sustainability in management through appointing directors and corporate auditors possessing a diverse set of experiences and skills.

Name Gender Outside
IT・DX Accounting Legal affairs/
risk management
Directors Minoru Yamamoto M
Yoko Yamamoto F
Takuma Yamamoto M
Keiji Yamamoto M
Ryuta Ishikawa M
Kenya Wakabayashi M
Tadao Kakizoe M
Shinji Fukukawa M
Kazuo Futagawa M
Auditors Kyoichi Oyo M
Toshio Imatani M
Tsunehisa Chiba M

※Some areas of particular skill for each person are noted but the above list does not represent all the knowledge and experience of each person.
※The Company is not a “company with a nominating committee” as stipulated by Article 2-12 of the Companies Act, and therefore the nominating committee and compensation committees noted above are voluntary

Composition of the Board of Directors

Outside directors
(3 out of 9 directors
are outside directors)


Female directors
(1 out of 9 directors
is a female director)


Outside Directors on
Nomination Committee
(2 out of 3 committee
members are
outside directors)


Outside Directors on
Compensation Committee
(2 out of 3 committee
members are
outside directors)