Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

多世代包括ケアを支援Childcare Support System

Cloud Service Supporting Childcare, Concept

Supporting childcare with the cloud service!

Kanamic cloud service supports raising children as a community to build comfortable communities with bright futures.

<Information Distribution>
Supports the government, NPOs, and participating companies in distributing information on childcare and events.
<Consultation Services>
Supports information sharing and consultation services related to childcare through interdisciplinary collaboration with the government, medical institutions, and childcare related businesses.
<Growth Tracking>
An electronic mother-child notebook that tracks child growth and records diaries, photos, and results of child health checkups. Reading materials that support childrearing. And since it’s a cloud service, users can receive information on their smartphone or tablet and watch over a child's growth together.

Benefits of use

Merits to local governments

As things stand, local governments generally supply information related to childcare—spanning from pregnancy and birth to the many years of childrearing itself—via paper-medium announcements and employment of support staff. As a result, in order to promote widespread awareness of information on childcare, it’s necessary to actively gather information from child guardians and family members, etc, and to engage in an active public relations campaign through administrative services. Kanamic’s childcare system provides a cloud environment that allows community members to get advice even on “the small stuff” and paves the road to eliminate dormant stress in the community. Using the childcare cloud service helps solve the “everyday problems”.


Merits to the community

Instead of receiving information from the government only as a one-way street, it becomes possible to solicit advice from the government as well as medical providers on-the-go, “anytime” and “anywhere”. By providing double support for both childcare and elderly nursing care, our cloud service reduces the burden on the working age population, young people, and women, thereby uplifting these groups and breathing energy into the community.

Merits to the community

Information distribution function


Deliver important information on community events, vaccinations, and more to those who need it.

Kanamic’s childcare cloud service makes it possible to delivers the right information to the right people by selectively disbursing information to families and guardians based on the age of their children.

Our service supports a resourceful network of community-based childcare that is comfortable to use and fulfills the needs of both distributors of information—like the government, NPOs, and participatory companies—as well as the recipients of information.

Child growth tracking function


Our service allows users to easily update their child’s everyday information. Growth and changes are noticeable in the blink of an eye.

Users can easily update information on child growth—including height, weight and head circumference—milk and food consumption, bathroom use, sleep time, etc. Information can be updated on the go—anytime and anywhere—via sartphone (tablets and PCs can also be used).

Numbers are automatically charted, making it possible to monitor child growth on a daily basis.