Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

System for Welfare Equipment Services

Kanamic Cloud Service's system for welfare equipment communicates with “in-home elderly care support office” systems, which facilitates simple and accurate daily management of business goals and results.

System for Welfare Equipment, Concept

By taking full advantage of our cloud service, customers can effectively use our systems not only in the office but also from a care recipient’s home or while in transit.

Usage Scenarios

【Scenario 1】
Welfare equipment specialist consultants looking to strengthen collaboration with care managers

To make our systems easy for welfare equipment specialist consultants to use, we provide support for “Japan Welfare Equipment Specialist Consultants Association” welfare equipment service plans.

Reports to care managers regarding services rendered are brought paperless and can be drafted accurately and speedily, thereby improving efficiency and reducing incidences of records regarding services rendered being returned to the sender due to an error in the record.

【Scenario 2】
Management of welfare equipment rentals and sales

By registering equipment manufacturer names, product numbers, and TAIS codes with our “master management function”, the various steps of the welfare equipment lending process, from schedule management to drafting billing data to be sent to the National Health Insurance Federation and issuing invoices for care recipient copayment, can be accomplished with simple inputs into the system.

【Scenario 3】
Capitalizing on tablet devices to increase operational efficiency

With a tablet device, customers can use the system from a care recipient’s home or while in transit and access the care schedule and records of services rendered. Since the system usage fee is a fixed amount charged on a per facility basis, there are no additional license fees associated with an increased number of devices used to access the system, and many users praise our system in terms of both convenience and cost performance.

From initial inquiry to implementation, and beyond

1Contact us

You may reach us by phone or the input form on this site.

2Follow-up from a sales representative

One of our sales representatives will contact you.

3In-person Sales Consultation

A specialized sales representative well versed in the elderly care industry with a proven track record of delivering solutions will visit your facility and explain our elderly care system and software in detail. We will identify current problems you face and areas where you can improve. And we will propose solutions using our elderly care software. Please feel free to request a consultation.

4 Contract

Please complete the application form to use our system.

5 Pre-implementation Consultations

Ahead of implementation, we provide support for migration from existing systems as well as instruction on using our elderly care software.

6In-person Usage Guidance

A member of our elderly care software implementation support team will visit your facility. The first visit will focus on explaining how to use our system and the second visit will be to explain the billing process.

7Introducing the system

Professional staff will manage all steps of the process, so you can introduce the system with confidence.

8Telephone Support

Even after the system is introduced, Kanamic Network staff continue to provide telephone support. So even those who aren’t comfortable with operating computers can be at ease.

9Training seminars

Kanamic Network conducts inhouse training sessions for users that request it once per month. We explain how to use our technology with the aid of our training materials and we field customer inquiries.