Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

Day service / elderly day care system

Kanamic Cloud Service provides all-round support for efficient operations at elderly day care facilities.

System for Day Service / Elderly Day Care, Concept

Simplify billing and form creation

Daily care schedules and records of services rendered can be managed without wasting resources, and efficient workload distribution during billing periods becomes possible. The service record is looped into the workflow process to support billing for services rendered. Correspondence notebooks and daily reports are generated from vitals data and service records.

System design takes the elderly day care management process into account.

Users can manage care plans, care execution tables, and care monitoring activities, etc. in chronological order. Our system also supports audits of care facilities.

▼Elderly day care plan

Elderly day care plan, system image

▼Management of weekly schedules and recording of services rendered

Management of weekly schedules and recording of services rendered, system image

▼Elderly day care execution table

Elderly day care execution table, system image ">

Usage Scenarios

【Scenario 1】
Managers; Management of daily staff operations

Check the list of care recipients who are scheduled to visit the facility. Comprehensively manage each step of the work flow including care recipient transport to and from facility, tabulations, and recording of services rendered / copayments. Management of daily transport of care recipients to and from the facility as well as management of business records can be handled efficiently within the system.

【Scenario 2】
Managers, billing personnel, and accounting personnel at multifacility corporations, FC Supervisors

Sales and statistical data can be managed centrally across multiple facilities. Affiliates can also be managed in the cloud.

It is possible to link with accounting software to facilitate receivables management and accounting functions.

By assigning management authority status to each ID, the system can cope with head office management and area management, etc.

Operational functions can be centralized even when billing functions are performed at the head office.

Information on sales across multiple facilities can be displayed and managed all at once.

【Scenario 3】
I want to handle care records with my mobile device!

I want to effectively use data accumulated from care records!
I want tools for effective communication!
Our cloud service facilitates care records that capitalize on mobile devices.

Recorded information is aggregated, allowing for periodic extraction of “near-misses” (breaches in nursing protocol, etc. that could have resulted in care recipient harm).
Aggregated care record data can be instantaneously extracted on demand.

Our service is equipped with functions that can be used as groupware within facilities. Correspondence and transfer of duties from one employee to another can be conducted within the system.

In addition, we have the No. 1 track record for introducing ICT tools to in-home care and elderly care businesses. Our system can be used not only for communication among multidisciplinary professionals and corporations, but also for communication among family members.

From initial inquiry to implementation, and beyond

1Contact us

You may reach us by phone or the input form on this site.

2Follow-up from a sales representative

One of our sales representatives will contact you.

3In-person Sales Consultation

A specialized sales representative well versed in the elderly care industry with a proven track record of delivering solutions will visit your facility and explain our elderly care system and software in detail. We will identify current problems you face and areas where you can improve. And we will propose solutions using our elderly care software. Please feel free to request a consultation.

4 Contract

Please complete the application form to use our system.

5 Pre-implementation Consultations

Ahead of implementation, we provide support for migration from existing systems as well as instruction on using our elderly care software.

6In-person Usage Guidance

A member of our elderly care software implementation support team will visit your facility. The first visit will focus on explaining how to use our system and the second visit will be to explain the billing process.

7Introducing the system

Professional staff will manage all steps of the process, so you can introduce the system with confidence.

8Telephone Support

Even after the system is introduced, Kanamic Network staff continue to provide telephone support. So even those who aren’t comfortable with operating computers can be at ease.

9Training seminars

Kanamic Network conducts inhouse training sessions for users that request it once per month. We explain how to use our technology with the aid of our training materials and we field customer inquiries.