Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

System for Nursing Home Facilities / Private Elderly Homes / Assisted Living

An operational system specialized in receivables accounting.
Management and aggregation of information from facilities at the head office is made possible.

System for Nursing Home Facilities / Private Elderly Homes / Assisted Living, Concept

Seamless system design loops in sales support tool with accounting functionality.

Sales support tool function manages prospective customers and records and allows staff to look up information on pre-move in inquiries and facility tours.

It can also be used as a billing function, a work log for vitals information, etc., and a recording function for accidents and “near misses” (lapses in protocol that could have resulted in harm to a care recipient).

Statistical analysis and sickbed management can be conducted with input data extrapolated from the system. This data can be used for a wide range of tasks across the business.

Usage Scenario

【Scenario 1】
Facility staff input records on tablet device.

The care watcher can input care records in a tablet device, and perform analysis through searching CSV output. Taking records paperless leads to improvements to the efficiency and of standardization of operations at the facility.

Since information can be shared among staff, this functionality is effective in reducing time wasted when passing off tasks from one employee to another and in avoiding operational mishaps.

【Scenario 2】
Billing operations, receivables management, payment management, and accounting synchronization by head office staff

After services rendered at a facility are confirmed, the record regarding these services rendered is locked via the lock function. After the lock is confirmed at the head office, the data can be output and forwarded by the “National Health Insurance Federation Billing Data Collective Download Function”. And receivables reconciliation can be executed automatically upon receipt of National Health Insurance payments and fund transfers. Furthermore, if necessary, receivables data can be integrated with accounting data.

【Scenario 3】
Care plan creation / monitoring by facility care managers

When creating a care plan, care records can be monitored in real time. Extraction of evidence for user plan creation can be performed smoothly.

Information can be shared among professionals with various occupations working at various corporations, so this is the best tool for Regional Comprehensive Care.

From initial inquiry to implementation, and beyond

1Contact us

You may reach us by phone or the input form on this site.

2Follow-up from a sales representative

One of our sales representatives will contact you.

3In-person Sales Consultation

A specialized sales representative well versed in the elderly care industry with a proven track record of delivering solutions will visit your facility and explain our elderly care system and software in detail. We will identify current problems you face and areas where you can improve. And we will propose solutions using our elderly care software. Please feel free to request a consultation.

4 Contract

Please complete the application form to use our system.

5 Pre-implementation Consultations

Ahead of implementation, we provide support for migration from existing systems as well as instruction on using our elderly care software.

6In-person Usage Guidance

A member of our elderly care software implementation support team will visit your facility. The first visit will focus on explaining how to use our system and the second visit will be to explain the billing process.

7Introducing the system

Professional staff will manage all steps of the process, so you can introduce the system with confidence.

8Telephone Support

Even after the system is introduced, Kanamic Network staff continue to provide telephone support. So even those who aren’t comfortable with operating computers can be at ease.

9Training seminars

Kanamic Network conducts inhouse training sessions for users that request it once per month. We explain how to use our technology with the aid of our training materials and we field customer inquiries.