Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

Supporting Care Management, System for In-home Care Support

Robust array of business support functions required for care management, including functions related to community comprehensive care, compliance management, and improving operational efficiency.

A convenient information sharing mechanism is provided as an additional function for care managers to assist in their constant collaboration with multidisciplinary partners. The system facilitates collaboration not only with elderly care staff at other corporations, but also with medical professionals, particularly attending physicians, who share a deep relationship with the care recipients. Additionally, this tool facilitates cost reduction via going paperless and is efficient in assisting care managers with compliance management via statutory form functionality. The tool helps to greatly reduce incidence of insurance forms being returned to facilities due to errors.

System for In-home Care Support, Concept

Functionality for proactive involvement in community comprehensive care

A great advantage to implementing our elderly care software for care managers is being able to use our multidisciplinary information sharing system for free. Promotion of community comprehensive care by involving not only elderly care facilities, but also attending physicians, pharmacists, and community-wide staff can now be accomplished easily and without worrying about compliance management (timely management of related forms, etc.) standards that have been emphasized since 2015. This is THE software for care managers

System designed with the care management workflow in mind.

It is possible to manage the care management workflow history in chronological order.

The most important feature is the function for communicating with other facilities in the community.

▼In-home service plan

In-home service plan, system image

▼Receipt of service rendered

Receipt of service rendered, system image

▼Service staff internet meeting

Service staff internet meeting, system image

Usage Scenarios

【Scenario 1】
Reduce work during the busy billing period

The most important aspect of care implementation guidance relates to care plan appropriateness. In particular, it is mandatory to review the care plan within a specified timeframe. This can be accomplished by the individual efforts of each care manager, but being able to track this at the corporate level is also important. With Kanamic's in-home care support system, you can easily check which care recipients are due for a review and when, by checking the creation date in the system.

Avoid the daunting scramble ahead of care guidance via implementing compliance management on a daily basis.

【Scenario 2】
Mobile devices increase work efficiency and user satisfaction!

Most care managers struggle to complete their duties within a limited timeframe. And the task that consumes care managers’ time the most is the care plan meeting, which entails visiting the care recipient’s home to ensure that the care recipient and their family’s wishes are properly reflected in the care plan. Being able to easily update the plan on the spot using a mobile device (in conjunction with Kanamic’s in-home care support business system) and get approval at that very moment helps conserve the care manager’s time.

【Scenario 3】
Cooperation between care manager and care service staff


With Kanamic's system, care managers have the benefit of being able to arrange for IDs and passwords to be issued to care service facilities free of charge. This enables web-based exchange of information on schedules and services rendered and eliminates the need to exchange paper receipts of services rendered. Kanamic helps eliminate the care manager's task of sorting plans for service to be rendered and distributing them to each facility.

Additionally, sharing information about changes to the care plan in real time with care service facilities greatly reduces insurance form errors which can arise when dealing with care recipients who frequently change plans.

From initial inquiry to implementation, and beyond

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2Follow-up from a sales representative

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3In-person Sales Consultation

A specialized sales representative well versed in the elderly care industry with a proven track record of delivering solutions will visit your facility and explain our elderly care system and software in detail. We will identify current problems you face and areas where you can improve. And we will propose solutions using our elderly care software. Please feel free to request a consultation.

4 Contract

Please complete the application form to use our system.

5 Pre-implementation Consultations

Ahead of implementation, we provide support for migration from existing systems as well as instruction on using our elderly care software.

6In-person Usage Guidance

A member of our elderly care software implementation support team will visit your facility. The first visit will focus on explaining how to use our system and the second visit will be to explain the billing process.

7Introducing the system

Professional staff will manage all steps of the process, so you can introduce the system with confidence.

8Telephone Support

Even after the system is introduced, Kanamic Network staff continue to provide telephone support. So even those who aren’t comfortable with operating computers can be at ease.

9Training seminars

Kanamic Network conducts inhouse training sessions for users that request it once per month. We explain how to use our technology with the aid of our training materials and we field customer inquiries.