Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

Regional Comprehensive Care Centersシステム

Billing data can be aggregated in one fell swoop via the push of a single button at the Community Comprehensive Support Center.
Reducing time spent entering data into the system frees up support center staff to focus on providing enhanced service.

System for Community Comprehensive Support Centers, Concept

Eliminate the mountain of paperwork that arises when communicating with partners.

Eliminate the mountain of paperwork that arises when communicating with partners.Using the same communications system throughout the community facilitates information sharing and collaborative problem solving.

Information on services rendered can be quickly input into the system and the data shared among community comprehensive care staff, care managers, and care facilities.

When Kanamic is NOT in use, efficiency will decrease due to massive paperwork.When Kanamic IS in use, information can be shared with the cloud service, which can improve efficiency.

Usage Examples

【Scenario 1】
Reduce work during the busy billing period

Previously, information contained in “receipts of services rendered” sent by subcontracted plan managers had to be manually re-entered into the comprehensive care center’s system by center staff. But the Kanamic system allows plan managers to directly input information into the comprehensive care center system over an internet connection. As a result, paper costs and communication costs (such as FAX) are eliminated, and data re-entry busywork by comprehensive care center staff is greatly reduced.

【Scenario 2】
Mobile devices have become a standard tool in the elderly care industry.

Capitalizing on enhanced mobility improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Caregivers can browse and input elderly care registration information and records directly from the care recipient’s home via a tablet device.

【Scenario 3】
The need for manual calculations is eliminated via the consultation function.

The consultation service function for Community Comprehensive Support Centers automatically calculates monthly totals for consultation service items. Consultation content can be easily created and searched / managed according to consultant name.

From initial inquiry to implementation, and beyond

1Contact us

You may reach us by phone or the input form on this site.

2Follow-up from a sales representative

One of our sales representatives will contact you.

3In-person Sales Consultation

A specialized sales representative well versed in the elderly care industry with a proven track record of delivering solutions will visit your facility and explain our elderly care system and software in detail. We will identify current problems you face and areas where you can improve. And we will propose solutions using our elderly care software. Please feel free to request a consultation.

4 Contract

Please complete the application form to use our system.

5 Pre-implementation Consultations

Ahead of implementation, we provide support for migration from existing systems as well as instruction on using our elderly care software.

6In-person Usage Guidance

A member of our elderly care software implementation support team will visit your facility. The first visit will focus on explaining how to use our system and the second visit will be to explain the billing process.

7Introducing the system

Professional staff will manage all steps of the process, so you can introduce the system with confidence.

8Telephone Support

Even after the system is introduced, Kanamic Network staff continue to provide telephone support. So even those who aren’t comfortable with operating computers can be at ease.

9Training seminars

Kanamic Network conducts inhouse training sessions for users that request it once per month. We explain how to use our technology with the aid of our training materials and we field customer inquiries.