Kanamic Cloud Service: Elderly Care Software / Community Comprehensive Care (Medical and Elderly Care Communications System)

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Medical care and elderly care communications system Kanamic is top class in Community Comprehensive Care

Our medical and elderly care information sharing system promotes community comprehensive care.
The Kanamic Cloud information sharing system strongly supports interdisciplinary and inter-organizational collaboration and is the widest implemented system in the industry.
It is used by approximately facilities and users nationwide as of (including free users).

  • Widest implemented system in the industry
  • Free to use
  • Share vitals and care records among interdisciplinary professionals
  • Share events and records with the calendar

Elderly care business management system Monthly labor reductions: 30.5 hours per employee

We provide a full lineup of elderly care software that supports all elderly care services/business classifications, including elderly care facilities, community comprehensive support centers, and In-home care support facilities. Taking all documentation (from elderly care records to elderly care insurance claims) paperless with Kanamic results in
monthly labor reductions of 30.5 hours per employee.
Kanamic's ICT system can be trusted to solve our super-aged society’s challenges in elderly care.

  • Tablet-compatible recording system
  • Statistical and business analysis
  • Receivables management
  • Central management of multiple sites from the head office.

Child care support system Realizing community-wide support for raising children

Through our "childcare support system”, the government and participating organizations take on a central role in supporting families with children throughout the region.
The "information distribution function" allows timely sharing of information distributed by the government, such as information on vaccinations, community events, and medical institutions.
The "consultation function" allows parents who are raising children to easily consult with government officials and professionals in the medical and childcare fields.
The “child growth record function (electronic mother and child notebook) '' allows users to record and share daily developments and photos of their children.
We provide functions that address the needs of childrearing families and government staff.

  • Child growth recording
    (electronic mother and child handbook)
  • Information transmission by the government
  • Professional consultation
    on childrearing
  • Apps for iOS and Android

Safety and Security Initiatives Security Measures in Compliance with
MHLW Guidelines

We have acquired a JIPDC PrivacyMark and strive to protect personal information. We are working to prevent human-error related incidents (which account for more than 85% of information leaks) and take precautions such as encrypting system communications and strictly controlling the handling of devices containing personal information.

Data is stored in high security domestic data centers. Disbursed data storage minimizes the risk of complete data loss in the unlikely event of a system mishap.

Professional staff offer reliable support at all steps—
from system introduction to system operation.

We offer phone-based support to help customers solve their problems.

Staff well versed in both our system and in elderly care services help customers solve their problems, so customers unskilled with operating computers can be at ease. When specialized support staff are unavailable, other staff will field your inquiry and ensure you receive a call back from support staff.

Customers can attend monthly workshops on using our systems.

At our workshops we provide easy-to-understand explanations of how to use the Kanamic system. We offer regular training courses based on business type and “corporate package” training courses tailored to the business content of specific corporations and facilities. * Participation in workshops is fee-based.

Kanamic Network Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.